What Emma Found


As a kid, I hated sport – ‘not naturally gifted’ apparently. I just wasn’t the type to pick up a tennis racket and spent most sports classes pretending I had pulled this or that, or maybe I had the flu. The thing is nobody told me I could race a bike, or just wander off down some country lane. I thought bikes just got you to your friends house around the corner, who knew!

In an effort to go outdoors more I forked out £125 for a MTB with no idea how to use the gears or where I would go – and that was fun! Like so many things I do, I had to be better, so I upgraded the bike, learned how it worked and ventured further.

6 years later, cycling has become part of my life. I cycle to work, I train, I race and I check out every bike I see because – it’s the rules! I also need to move house, because the bikes take up more room that I do. A large garage is on the wish list, and if anybody needs any spares, I’ve got them!

So now I write about cycling, help others get on their bike and generally try and spread as much cycling cheer as possible – because sport should be fun!


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Being active and healthy so important to me – from the food I eat to the products I buy. The world we live in is beautiful and rare, we must look after it. Being considerate of lifestyle choices is a really easy way of contributing to the health of our planet.

My big focus at the moment is the Maasai Mara Cycling Challenge, 150km through the tough African terrain to raise money for clean fresh water for local communities with the charity Dig Deep. More details can be found here.


  • 7th and 8th January – Live from British National Cyclocross Championships (website)
  • 28th and 29th January – Live from UCI World Cyclocross Championships, Luxembourg (website)
  • 4th March – Rowe and King Spring Classic
  • 1st April – Maindy Easter Prep 1
  • 9th April – The Karbona Circuit Races (website)
  • April-August – Time Trial League
  • 16th April CTT 4up Team Time Trial
  • 28th to 30th April – Live from Tour De Yorkshire (website)
  • 25th May – Odd Down, Bath
  • 28th May – South Cerney Road Race
  • 11th June – Wiggle French Revolution
  • 16th July – Ride 24/7 Cricklade Kermesse
  • 30th July – Ride London 100 (website)
  • 3rd to 10th September – Live from Tour of Britain (website)
  • September – MTB Welsh Adventure
  • December – Winter Cycling Trip
  • 18th February to 1st March – Maasai Mara Cycling Challenge (website)



Brands and Partnerships:

I am lucky to work with some great companies developing and testing products.

Pactimo (website)

Sport in Science (website)

Dig Deep (website)


I race for Gloucestershire based race team Velo Vitesse (website)