Catlike Mixino Helmet Review

Helmets are essential, so better invest some time and effort into finding the right one….. And because of my small child size head, this is exactly what I had to do!

Personally, I like to shop online. More choice, better price comparison and I like to flit from shop to shop gathering whatever catches my eye allowing me to pit products head to head. The only thing is when you come to try the helmets fit…

After about 2 weeks of ordering, returning, ordering returning, the Catlike Mixino arrived. I opted for black, mostly so that it would match all of my outfits. If you shop around, however, you can find some nice colour variations.


After trying it on and riding in the hot summer heat, I was pleased by the amount of vents (39 in total). This helmet keeps you cool. It feels sleek and stylish. Having taken this helmet through winter now too, I have found I use a scull cap because rain and the wind do tend to cause you to feel a little cold. This is especially noticeable on colder longer rides. If you like you can order the aero shell that sits snugly on top to cover and streamline the helmet. I did try this option but for the price the shell felt cheap and flimsy, for this reason, I just use a cap or headband in the winter months.


The Mixino is very light, adjustable and comfortable. The retention system, replaceable pads that come in varying sizes as well as the height adjustment all allow you to optimise the fit. All pads are machine washable and the helmet wipes clean with a damp cloth. I must say it does fit well, there are no pressure points. I can ride all day barely noticing I have it on.

I will say that if I could fit into other helmets then I probably would have ended up with one of those. As it was I tried 3 or 4 other helmets before I ordered the Catlike. It fits and looks great in my option, but I cannot help but feel there are better options on the market. I do recommend this if you have a small head and are struggling to find a good fit or if you are a fan of its stand-out nature. Overall the vents in the rain let this product down, but this is balanced out by keeping you cool in the sweaty summer months. I suppose it comes down to the conditions that you ride in and if you find yourself in the continuous sunshine! Lucky You!


Catlike Mixino Helmet 2014 –

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