Ski Trip to the Dolomites

Skiing is one of those things that does not come naturally to me. I am not graceful. I am not smooth. I certainly struggle to remain upright. Yet, for some silly reason, I love it!

I have been skiing for a few years now and despite me not actually improving very much, I am enjoying it more and more.


I am actually quite adverse to the cold and do struggle to get up in the mornings facing the prospect of a day out in a freezer. Once I manage to stuff down some breakfast and squeeze into my base layers, I am far more positive about heading out onto the slopes.

While my family venture off into hidden passes and steep runs, I stomp off to Ski School. I hate that I have to go to Ski-School. I would love to be off speeding down mountains, but like I said; I am not a natural.

This year we had decided to stay in the small town of Colfosco, featured in this year’s stage 14 of the Giro D’Italia. Skiing and cycling are loved in this region, any time of year there is a busy tourist following in the Sella Ronda.


The town itself is small with a couple of good restaurants, corner shops and great ski hire options. Everything is walking distance, though snow boots are a must as it is a little up and down which gets slippy.


The slopes are gentle at lower levels which are great for beginners or the clumsy. Explore a little higher and the network of mountain passes and lifts give you access to a wide range of options.

After a week of lessons, I finally put my foot down and insisted that I head up the mountain with my family for the last day. Experience skiers, I trailed them slowly down the well-worn piste.


Being in the mountains is refreshing even if you do not ski. I recommend you try, even if you do have to go to ski-school first!

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