Alé Women’s Antivento Crossover Gilet Review

When it comes to cycling kit there are a lot of options. As we head into colder months no doubt we will all start looking at our cycling wardrobe identifying the items that could do with being replaced.

When it comes to kit, it tends not to come cheap. Endless hours scouring the internet for a happy medium between price and quality. For me, this season’s update was my new Alé gilet.


One of the essential pieces of kit every cyclist should own is a gilet. Great in wind and light showers they can be packed away in your jersey pocket and brought out at any point if the weather gets a little chilly.

My old gilet caused me to sweat a lot, there was no ventilation. This is not the case with the Alé Women’s Antivento Crossover Gilet. The back panel is constructed of mesh making it breathable in the areas you need it. The front of the gilet has special triple layered material that meaning you can keep your core warm without overheating.


I find this jacket is at its best at the start of rides, after cafe stops or when descending. I can throw it on and off quickly as it packs up really easily. There’s a pocket that gives you access to the back pockets of your jersey, though I have never successfully found this while riding. The gilet itself does not have its own pockets but personally this is a blessing as I do tend to over pack if given half a chance.

Alé can be a little hit and miss when it comes to colour scheme, here though I think they have really hit the nail on the head. The only thing I would like is a little reflective material to help with visibility when riding in the dimming light.

Retailing for £59.99, I had thought it was a little pricey. However, I wear this all the time. It is my go to jacket on cooler days and will take me through every season. Overall, if you can stretch to the price tag, I really recommend this gilet.

Ale CROSSOVER-gilet-antivento-donna

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