Tour of Britain 2016

You know that feeling when you have walked so far your feet are just numb? That’s me. That’s my feet. Yep, my fitbit has never been so proud of me!

When the Tour of Britain rolls around I find my days are back to back cycling, walking, running and taking as many photos as I can.

I am sat on a bus on the way home leaving London. It’s 7o’clock on a Sunday. I am in one of those reflective moods as I tend to be after a long day, with nothing better to do than remember some great moments from this week.

We managed to see 4 stages in total. The first being stage 5 in the quietly beautiful Forest of Dean. Cycling over to watch the peloton effortlessly climb Speech hill. They make it look so easy. It’s not. If you have ever been cycling on those roads you will know the top always seems a little out of reach.


Stage 7 in Bristol was one of the best circuit races I have seen! A few testing climbs and some speedy flats.

The rain early in the morning had made it hard going for the time trial resulting in a few falls. Most notably Taylor Phinney who almost took out a few spectators on his way down. The day brightened up into brilliant sunshine and I spent the rest of the day hiking around Bristol following the route.


London and stage 8 had an atmosphere to rival most grand tours! On the final day the streets were lined, 4 and 5 deep. Everyone trying to get a glimpse of Sir Bradley Wiggins in what is supposed to be his last road race. The London backdrop did not fail to impress. If you ever get the chance, go! You will not regret it!


As the sun seems to set earlier and earlier, the sky is turning a stunning blue and pink. What a beautiful way to end an amazing week 🙂

2 thoughts

  1. There are not the staged races in Canada like there is in Europe and Great Britain, but on occasion I have watched them on television.

    It would really be amazing to attend something like this in person and experience it. It would be unforgettable.


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