Curried Paneer Salad

Having friends over for lunch? After a light dinner? My Curried Paneer Salad is a winner!

Paneer is one of those ingredients that I really rely on. Versatile, great texture and downright delicious.


To serve two, you will need:

220g Paneer (I use Everest as it is found in most supermarkets)

Carrot (sliced or julienne)

White Onion (diced)

Red Cabbage (thinly sliced)

Courgette (sliced or julienne)

Curry Powder

Peshwari Naan


Mango Chutney

Pre-heat your oven for the naan bread and add a griddle pan to a high heat. Start by preparing your vegetables and add to a mixing bowl. Mix in a teaspoon of curry powder or as much as you like. Chop some coriander, add to your vegetable mix and pop to one side.

Next slice your paneer, I prefer large blocks but it will depend on the type on paneer you buy. Rub in some curry powder, enough to flavour but not to overpower. Add to your pan, I don’t use any oil as the cheese has its own fats, giving a nice grilled colour.

Get your naan bread into the oven at this point, I always sprinkle with a bit of water to help them fluff up a little. Keep an eye on your Paneer ensuring it doesn’t burn. Once nicely cooked, it is time to plate up.

Use your naan as a base, adding the vegetable salad then topping with your warm paneer. Finish with coriander and mango chutney.

A quick and delicious meal anytime of the day! Enjoy!




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