Dig Deep Cycle 2

Dig Deep – Maasai Mara Cycling Challenge

Women and children have to walk long distances to collect water; children are getting sick from unclean water and poor hygiene and girls are dropping out of school because of the difficulty of not having private toilets. The Maasai Cycle Challenge is a 12 day adventure running from 18th February- 1st March 2018. It is a hugely enjoyable, physically demanding challenge. Cycling up to eight hours a day across 150km of rugged terrain and taking on distances and elevations roughly equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro. All money raised goes to Dig Deep who work in long term partnership with local government, schools and communities to build bespoke solutions to the challenges that they face, and ensure lasting change.


Read more about the great work Dig Deep do on their website.

My Dig Deep Cycling Challenge

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